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The gameplay of BATTLEGROUNDS is arranged in a variety of game modes.

Game Modes[edit | edit source]

Each game modes(Solo, Duo, Squad, etc) will be matched independently. For example, Duos cannot be matched with solo queue.


Solo (Free For All (FFA))[edit | edit source]

The classic game mode. Complete free for all, kill whoever you want.

Solo, a gamemode where you spawn into the world alone and you just rely on your own tactics and skill to push you to the end and be the last player alive.

Duo[edit | edit source]

Duo, a gamemode where you get put with a complete stranger or a friend and you battle it out to be the last player/team alive.

Squad[edit | edit source]

Game Mode Group Play.jpg

Squad is a gameplay type wherein players are organized into teams which are then pitted against each other. This is distinct from the classic Free For All (FFA) gameplay mode, where players are free to kill whomever they wish.

SQUAD, a gamemode where you can team up in groups of 2, 3 or 4 players, or if you prefer, you can still play solo and take on everyone alone in the match.

5 vs 5[edit | edit source]

ETA: N/A - Coming Soon

War[edit | edit source]

War, a gamemode from Arma 3 BR that has a teamdeath match style where players kill each other for 50 minutes and then at the end, it ends in a BR ending with the circles and bombing runs.

ETA: N/A - Coming Soon