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The following are the official controls for BATTLEGROUNDS.

Controls[edit | edit source]

Default Controls[edit | edit source]

Movement[edit | edit source]

Keyboard/Mouse Console
Forward W Left Thumbstick
Back S Left Thumbstick
Left A Left Thumbstick
Right D Left Thumbstick
Crouch C Press B (Xbox)
Prone Z Hold B (Xbox)
Jump SPACE A (Xbox)
Sprint SHIFT + W N/A
Walk CTRL + W N/A
Auto Run = N/A
Prone Roll Q / E N/A

Vehicle Controls[edit | edit source]

Keyboard/Mouse Console
Forward W N/A
Back S N/A
Left A N/A
Right D N/A
Handbrake SPACE N/A
Boost SHIFT + W / S N/A
Switch Seat CTRL + 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 N/A
Motorcycle Air Control Left control and Space N/A

View Controls[edit | edit source]

Keyboard/Mouse Console
1st/3rd Person Toggle V N/A
Switch to Left Shoulder/Right Shoulder Q / E N/A
Aim Right-Click Hold Left Trigger
Scope/ADS View Toggle Right-Click Once N/A
Hold breath (1st person only) Shift N/A
Watch bullet drop(while aiming) Left-Click Hold N/A

Weapon Controls[edit | edit source]

Keyboard/Mouse Console
Reload R N/A
Fire-mode Toggle B Right Trigger
Switch Weapon 1-5 Number Keys (1-Primary, 2-Secondary, 3-Pistol, 4-Melee & 5-Grenade) N/A
Cycle Weapons Scroll Up/Down Y (Xbox)
Next weapon G N/A
Change zeroing Page Up / Page Down N/A
Holster Weapon X N/A
Shoot Weapon Left Click N/A

Other/Misc. Controls[edit | edit source]

Keyboard/Mouse Console
Open/Close/Get-in/Get-out/Pickup F X (Xbox)
Medical and Boost items 7,8,9 & 0 N/A
Split Items CTRL + Drag item off screen N/A
Push to Talk T N/A
Voice chat mute/un-mute CTRL + T N/A
Toggle UI CTRL + U N/A
Inventory TAB / I N/A
Map M N/A
Map (Zoom in/out) Scroll wheel Right Trigger/Left Trigger
Place Marker Right Click A (Xbox)
Remove Marker Delete/Right Click B (Xbox)
Free look ALT + Mouse Move N/A
Quick Looting Right click N/A
Underhand throw grenades Left click hold, Right click throw N/A

Resources[edit | edit source]